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Enjoy, Learn, Achieve


Reading at New Swannington

At New Swannington Primary School we aim to provide high quality teaching and learning experiences to enable the children to become skilled and fluent readers. We strive to make reading engaging and exciting to promote reading for pleasure (Reading for Pleasure Policy).

Teachers read regularly to the children through modelled reading, shared stories, poems and information books. During shared reading sessions children explore texts: learning new vocabulary and about word choice; about grammar and punctuation; about settings, characters and plot and; about authors, genres and our literary heritage; and to develop their imagination. Children regularly engage in Guided Reading where they work in a small group to develop their reading skills. Children take home individual reading books which they are asked to read at home (4 times a week in KS1 and 5 times a week in KS2.) Staff often listen to children read their reading books in school, and in KS1 they are listened to individually at least once a week. Individual reading books in Key Stage 1 are banded by colour. Children can choose a book from the band to which they are directed by their class teacher. These books are from a range of reading schemes. Individual reading books in Key Stage 2 are chosen by children from an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction in our school library. When necessary children are directed to ‘quick reads’ or appropriately challenging books. Each child learns to read at their own pace and in their own way. We adapt our teaching to make sure every child is making the best possible progress. We provide additional support for children needing it through Reading and Phonics interventions.

Every day our teachers read to us. We sometimes have a class novel which may last over several weeks. We enjoy using our reading skills in every lesson and our teachers provide opportunities for us to do so in all subjects. In every classroom there is a book corner filled with books to support our curriculum for us to enjoy.

Phonics is an important aspect in developing early reading skills. At New Swannington Primary School we follow the DFE ‘Letters and Sounds’ through a scheme.

Each year a Reading Evening is held (Reading Evening Power Point) at which Mrs. Mitchell, our English Coordinator talks about learning to read and how we teach reading at New Swannington Primary School.


We visit our school library regularly to choose books that we enjoy. There are a range of fantastic fiction and non-fiction books to choose from. Every class in Key Stage 2 is allocated a time to visit the library each week to read or choose books.

We have Parent Librarians, Senior Librarians from Y5 and Y6 and Junior Librarians from Y3 and Y4. The Librarians help to keep our library tidy, look after displays and make book recommendations. Librarians also supervise the library when it is open at lunchtimes.

Our Librarians also help to run reading competitions, the book fair and our annual book week.