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At New Swannington Primary School, we believe that the personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) development of our children plays an important part in their ability to learn and achieve and to develop the skills necessary to manage their lives.

The teaching of PSHE at New Swannington helps children to understand how to become independent, socially conscious, healthy members of our society. We aim to help children to understand how they are developing socially and emotionally. We endeavour to confront the moral and social issues that children deal with as they are growing up.

The school follows a comprehensive scheme of work called SCARF, which supports learning in the following six topics – Me and My Relationships, Valuing Difference, Keeping Myself Safe, Rights and Responsibilities, Being My Best and Growing and Changing (which include the Relationships and Sex Education).

If you have any questions regarding the teaching of PSHE, you can contact me via the school office.

Meet our PHSCE and British Values Ambassadors 

Hello I am Ivy. The reason why PSHCE is important is because it teaches us about how to be a good friend, how to be assertive and accepting of others. I think our Equality Code is important because everybody should be treated the same. I enjoy learning about friendships because I learn how to treat others as well as how I should be treated by others.

Hello I am Surraya. I think PSHCE is really important because it teaches us about our rights, responsibilities, duties, bullying, cyber-bullying and friendships. It will help me as I get older because I will know what to do if I need any help.