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Enjoy, Learn, Achieve


I’m Mrs Carr and I am the Music Leader at New Swannington. Music has always been my specialist subject and I feel privileged to be able to share my love of music with our school community. It is a vital part of our broad and ambitious curriculum, allowing all children to experience the joy it can bring and to nurture creativity and expression.

We follow the Model Music Curriculum (2021) which has at its heart the aim of introducing all children to a broad repertoire of music and performance opportunities which can enrich their lives. We take these aims very seriously. Our lessons develop singing, listening skills, composing and performing skills through a wide range of experiences. We were awarded the Gold Music Mark in 2019. This is awarded to only a handful of schools in the region in recognition of the high standard of music provision we offer, so we were very proud.

What’s new?

This year we are focusing on providing high quality whole class ensemble work for all of our KS2 children, fulfilling the aims of the new music curriculum.

Children in Year 3 learn to play the recorder and those in Year 4 learn the ukulele at entry level. When children leave these year groups we are looking at continuing provision so that they can continue to build on their skills. In year 5 children return to the recorder at a more advanced level and finally in year 6 we have introduced whole class keyboard lessons. All of this is in addition to the other elements of music that are taught.

Across all year groups we are improving the wide range of meaningful listening opportunities the children have, taking our lead from the repertoire in the Model Music Curriculum and ensuring that diversity is promoted and celebrated. Music that reflects both modern British identity and international cultures will be at the heart of our listening experiences.

Singing assemblies are now timetabled weekly for all year groups and again promote an understanding and enjoyment of a range of musical genres from far and wide.

If you have any questions about our music curriculum please do get in touch and I will be happy to chat.