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I am Mrs Harris and I am the Music Lead at New Swannington Primary School. Music is and has always been a passion of mine, from playing in orchestras to singing in choirs and in musical theatre productions. I feel privileged to be able to share this love of music with our school community. Music is a vital part of our broad and ambitious curriculum. It allows children to experience the joy it can bring and to nurture creativity and expression.

At New Swannington we follow the Model Music Curriculum (2021) which has, at its heart, the aim of introducing all children to a broad repertoire of music and performance opportunities which can enrich their lives. We take these aims very seriously. Our lessons develop singing, listening skills, composing and performing skills through a wide range of experiences.

We were awarded the Gold Music Mark in 2019, which is awarded to only a handful of schools in the regions in recognition of the high standard of music provision we offer, so we were very proud!

What’s New

This year we will be focusing on providing high quality, whole class ensemble work for all of our Key Stage 2 children, fulfilling the aims of the music curriculum.

The children in Year 3 will be learning to play the boomwhackers and those in Year 4 will be learning the recorders. In Year 5, children learn to play the ukuleles and finally in Year 6 we have introduced whole class keyboard lessons. All of this is in addition to the other elements of music that are taught.

Across all year groups, children will be listening to and engaging with a wide range of music genres and styles, taking our lead from the repertoire in the Model Music Curriculum and ensuring that diversity is promoted and celebrated. Music that reflects both modern British identity and international cultures will be at the heart of our listening experiences.

All children at New Swannington engage in weekly ‘Singing Assemblies’. This is another opportunity to promote an understanding and enjoyment of a range of musical genres from far and wide and for children to enjoy singing together.

If you have any questions about our music curriculum, please do get in touch and I will be happy to talk to you!


Meet Our Music Ambassadors 


Hello I am Jack. I enjoy music lessons because you are able to play a variety of instruments and sing different songs. In music, we have been learning about pulse, rhythm and pitch. Music is important because it makes me feel relaxed and happy and it allows you to be creative. Different music makes you have different feelings and I like that.

Hello I am Lilly-Jane and I enjoy music because you are able to learn new songs, play instruments and write music compositions. I’ve enjoyed learning about melodies and harmonies. Music is important because it allows everybody to have something in common and to do well.