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Design Technology and Art and Design

My name is Mrs Hall and I am the Art & Design Leader at New Swannington Primary School. 

At New Swannington, we provide children with different opportunities to creatively express their ideas, thoughts and feelings. We also teach specific skills from drawing to sculpture, printing to painting and textiles to land art.

In Design Technology, we enjoy learning skills in areas such as textiles, building structures, creating mechanisms and cooking and nutrition. We aim to teach the children about real life designers and different careers that use design. 

We to provide the children at school with opportunities to work with local artists. Please get in touch if you know anyone who like to come into school and share their expertise with our children.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about Design Technology or Art and Design.

Meet Our Art Ambassadors

Hello my name is Theo. In Art at New Swannington, we learn lots of different skills and techniques. This year, I have enjoyed improving my drawing skills and I am learning how to use tone and shade. I like Art because everyone’s work is different and individual.  

Hello I am Esme and I like Art, particularly when we sketch in our books. I love when we paint too. Sometimes we  create Art in a group at school, which is lots of fun and we get to share our ideas with each other.


Meet Our Design and Technology Ambassadors  


Hello I am Darcie. In D&T we learn lots of different skills in textiles, mechanisms, food and nutrition. I like that in D&T we can learn things that might help us in the future, so we can work in lots of different careers ,such as, construction, fashion designers or chefs! 

Hello I am Nico. In D&T, I like learning new skills in food technology. This year, we designed and made biscuits using a budget. D&T is really fun because when I go home, I can practise some of the things I have learnt in school with my sister. I like designing products in D&T and seeing what they look like when I have made them.