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Red Ridge - Monday

We boarded our coach and set off for our residential trip to Red Ridge in Wales.

We stopped on the way at a service station and bumped into.....Whitwick St John Primary who were on the way to their residential in Wales too!!

After about 3 hours, we arrived at Red Ridge and were met by Rob, one of our instructors for the week. We had lunch and put our bags in our rooms and then got ready for our first activity.  This was Indoor Caving.  We had to work in small teams of 2 or 3 to get around the course. Once we had been round with the lights fully on, the lights went dimmer and dimmer. At the end we went round in the pitch black!  This was good practice for when we do real caving later in the week.

Then it was off to Archery. We tried to get a 'bull'. This was a 'chocolate challenge'.  We got a chocolate if we hit a bull and a few were won.

After Archery, we had dinner (Meatballs followed by sponge pudding) and then prepared ourselves for our evening activity.

This evening, we went out for a Night Hike.  We hiked across the hills with Rob and his dog Tommy.  It was light when we set out, but was quite dark by the time we got back.  We didn't use torches, but let our eyes get accustomed to the dark.  It was quite surprising to some of us how well we could see in the dark!

After Night Hike it was hot chocolate and ready for bed.  We got to sleep fairly quickly, ready for our next day of challenges and activities.