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Red Ridge - Thursday

An adventurous day off-site Climbing and Caving.

We needed to be woken up again this morning!!  Room inspection and breakfast done, we waited for the coach to take us off-site for the day.

We went to a disused quarry and split into 2 groups. In the morning one group did Rock Climbing and Abseiling, with the other group going off to do Caving.  Then we all met up for lunch and swapped over activities for the afternoon.

As we climbed up the side of the quarry, we had to look out for hand and footholds to get to the top.  It was quite a way up.  This was so different to climbing on a climbing wall.

When we got to the top, we went round to the abseiling point.  We walked backwards to the edge, off and lowered ourselves down.

We then repeated the climb and another abseil.  Everyone achieved 2 climbs and 2 abseils.  As we all did so well, we all got a 'Chocolate Challenge' reward.

In Caving, we got dressed into our 'designer' boiler suits and headed underground.  Some of the passages were very narrow and tricky.  We had to squeeze through head first..or feet first...whatever worked!!

Then it was back on the coach to the Centre for dinner (pasta bake with garlic bread) and prepare for our evening activity which was Disco.  After Disco it was hot chocolate, games in the dining room and bed.