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Into Battle with Year 3

Year 3 went on an exciting day to the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre.

We learned about the War of the Roses and in particular the Battle of Bosworth Field between the armies of King Richard III and Henry Tudor.  We saw a film about the battle; tried on clothing and armour; and looked at lots of artefacts from that period.

We also had talks by a soldier and an archer, who told us what life would have been like at the battle; about the variety of weapons they used; what the different people would have worn depending on their status; how the armies were made up; how wounds were treated and what food and drink they would have had.

We practised some bill drill (the bill was a common weapon in the battle) and the archer used the famous long-bow to shoot 10 arrows in less than a minute!

We also had a walk around and our guide explained where the battle took place and we carried out a re-enactment of the battle. 

Photos of our trip can be found in the gallery here.