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Kingswood - Tuesday

Our first full day with plenty of activities to look forward to. 

We got up at 7.00am and off to breakfast. Cereal, yoghurt, fruit and cooked breakfast available.  After breakfast we got our rooms ready for inspection. The standard was surprisingly high!! Both girl's rooms and one of the boy's being very good - the Boy's just ahead.

Then it was onto our activities. The day started with Caving for one group and Night Line for the other.  In night line we were blindfolded and learned to work as a team and to communicate to complrte several games and tasks. We then had to negotiate an obstacle course. Some of that was a bit scary!

Both groups did Bouldering and Aeroball. Bouldering is like climbing except you go sideways not up.  Aeroball was fun, bouncing on a trampoline and trying to score points with a ball.

The first of our High Ropes activities was Jacob's Ladder. We had to climb in pairs and help each other to climb as high as we could. The higher we went on the ladder the further the rungs were apart. One of us managed to get to the very top rung!!

Our next High Ropes was Climbing, where we had to climb to the top of the tower. This was a 'chocolate challenge' where we won a chocolate for getting to the top - quite a few were won.

Then it was time for dinner. After dinner we had another activity.  Our evening activity was Pool Party. We all went to the pool and played games and played on inflatables. 

Then it was hot chocolate and bedtime. We all went to sleep a bit earlier tonight!!