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Enjoy, Learn, Achieve

Year 4

Please find below the remote learning required for children in Year 4.  

  1. home learning wk beg. 30th dec.pdf
  2. home learning wk beg. 23rd Nov.pdf
  3. Spelling week beg. 23rd Nov.pdf
  4. Reading mon and tues.pdf
  5. Reading thurs and fri The chocolate tree.pdf
  6. book review.pdf
  7. thurs grammar answers.pdf
  8. History week beg. 23rd Nov.pdf
  9. solid-liquid-gas-properties sort.pdf
  10. make your own Oobleck.pdf
  11. Thurs grammar.pdf
  12. home learning wk beg. 16th Nov.pdf
  13. Spelling Home Learning.pdf
  14. PE Home learning.pdf
  15. French Home Learning.pdf
  16. 16 Nov History.pdf
  17. Science particle properties.pdf
  18. Reading mon 16th and tues 17th.pdf
  19. reading extract for mon and tues.pdf
  20. Reading thurs 19th nov.pdf
  21. Thurs 4 digit subtraction with exchanges 1.pdf
  22. Thurs 4 digit subtraction with exchanges 2.pdf
  23. Thurs 4 digit subtraction no exchanges 1.pdf
  24. Thurs 4 digit subtraction no exchanges 2.pdf
  25. Alternative Literacy home learning week beg. 9th November for those most recently isolating.pdf
  26. home learning wk beg. 9th Nov UPDATED.pdf
  27. reading 12th and 13th nov.pdf
  28. Fri Science sorting objects.pdf
  29. FRI subtraction no exchanges A.pdf
  30. FRI subtraction no exchanges B.pdf
  31. FRI subtraction with exchanges A.pdf
  32. FRI subtraction with exchanges B.pdf
  33. FRI subtraction with exchanges C.pdf
  34. PE Home Learning.pdf
  35. history homelearning 9 Nov.pdf
  36. Spelling wordsearch for homelearning.pdf
  37. Reading 9 and 10 Nov .pdf
  38. SamWu_Zombies_extract mon and tues.pdf
  39. Kid_Normal_Extract thurs and fri.pdf
  40. home learning wk beg. 2nd Nov.pdf
  41. Geography Home Learning week beg 2nd Nov.pdf
  42. 2 and 3 Nov reading.pdf
  43. EXTRACT little badman.docx
  44. reading thurs 5th and fri 6th.pdf
  45. fizzlebert stump extract 5th and 6th nov.pdf
  46. home learning wk beg. 26th Oct.pdf
  47. home learning wk beg. 11th Oct.pdf
  48. home learning wk beg. 5th Oct.pdf
  49. How-to-Train-your-Dragon extract c1.pdf
  50. w.c 7 September 2020.pdf