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(51) elliot

hey I will miss you

(50) bethany


(49) Louis Butcher year 2

Thanks for a great school trip to the think tank . I loved it. ! Best bit was the giant tub that threw water !! The big camera phone thingy that took photos was was fun too. Miss whitehouse was silly with it. She made me laugh.

(48) Ellie Hitchcock

Hello everyone , hope youve been practising for the may dance ! You probably don't remember me . I am now in year 8 at Castlerock . This year I have got 3 7c's ... One in English , maths and science ! Wish the year sixes luck as they move into year seven , it is not as scary as it seems , honest ! :-)

(47) Mrs Summers

Hi Anya. We do remeber you! It's so nice to hear about how well you are doing at your new school. We have had a few changes here at new Swannington since you leftbut we are still the same great school. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

(46) Anya Reeves

Hey everyone, woah, you guys probably don't remember me. I left at the end of year three and I'm now in yr 8! Since leaving New Swannington, I got my GCSE equivalent in music- so thanks for the flute lessons (: Still the best school I've ever been too(:

(45) rosie and laura

we say good look to the new headteacher
I hope all of you are having a lovely time!

(44) Rosie kelly and laura oliver

hello primary kids we use to go to that school hope you are having fun and wish you the best of look.Is your new head teacher nice?
see you at high school if you come to castle rock

(43) Alice Illsley

hi guys i miss this school soooooo much carnt belive it has been 2 and a half years love all of you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(42) paige bird

Cant believe it has been year since i left i am now yr 8. I really miss this school and there is a new head teacher! Not fair i really want to see the new receptions.