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(45) rosie and laura

we say good look to the new headteacher
I hope all of you are having a lovely time!

(44) Rosie kelly and laura oliver

hello primary kids we use to go to that school hope you are having fun and wish you the best of look.Is your new head teacher nice?
see you at high school if you come to castle rock

(43) Alice Illsley

hi guys i miss this school soooooo much carnt belive it has been 2 and a half years love all of you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(42) paige bird

Cant believe it has been year since i left i am now yr 8. I really miss this school and there is a new head teacher! Not fair i really want to see the new receptions.

(41) Ellie Hitchcock

Hey Everyone,
Castle Rock is amazing. Good luck when you move up next year.

(40) Ellie Hitchcock

Nearing the end of the first week in year 8 , lessons start on Monday . 3 year 7's from new swannington in my form! Wish I could see the new receptions !

(39) Lauren Grice

I really miss new swannington1 It was an amazing school! And I miss all my mates, I like ivanhoe and it is really good but I still miss you all!

(38) Laura

Hi guys hope you had a great day for starting back
I had a a great day at castle rock it was amazing ,
I wonder what you'd new head teacher is like .
See you all soon !!!!
Ex- pupil

(37) Laura - ex - pupil

Hi Thank you Mrs Reesce - Jones for being our head teacher for 7 year ( for year 6) ' New Swannington hope your new Head teacher ,next year have great years . As year year six has started 7 years ago it has changed a lot - It is the great school every and that could not be possible by all the staff and children who work with the school. Thank you every one !! I will really miss New Swannington !!! From Laura last year six xxx

(36) Tracy Jackson

A very big thank you to Mrs Rees Jones for all her hard work and support! We wish her every success for the future.
Tracy and Steve Jackson xx